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Proxchange is made to send or request files under your full control via a secure platform.

There are four main use cases for ProXchange:

  • You want to send one or multiple files once or multiple times.
  • You want to request one or multiple files to be sent to you.
  • You want to send out one or multiple files and want to request a result to be sent back to you.
  • You want to forward the files that have been sent to you to another Contributor instead of downloading yourself.

In all cases, your file exchange partner receives an email when you have provided files for them to download or when you want them to send files to you. Furthermore, you receive an email notification whenever your file exchange partner has downloaded or sent files. Additionally, you can request your file exchange to approve a file alternatively or besides downloading the file.

The platform allows users to preview audio, video and graphic files. This is to ensure only files of genuine interest are downloaded. It also enables online approvals or file forwarding without downloading of heavy lift files.

ProXchange is an x-dream-Fabrik product. It can be combined with all source modules like Record, Ingest, ProXchange, with the media management product Archive and with the output products like Publish, Deliver and Playout.

our target Customers


  • Outsourced Post-Production
  • Outsourced Dubbing
  • Outsourced Subtitling

Post-Production Facilities

  • Distributed Production
  • Interaction with customers

Localisation Agencies

  • Interaction with customers

Workorder & Metadata support

  • Flexible workorder Metadata set
  • Workorder task type support
  • Free task description support

Supported Exchange Cases

  • Send
  • Receive
  • Send and Send Back
  • Forward

Available notifications

  • Downloaded
  • Request to Upload
  • Approved
  • Closed

Supported File Formats for Exchange

  • any, ProXchange is fully format agnostic.

Supported File Formats for Previewing

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Pictures

The pricing model of File Exchange is composed from the following elements:

One-Time Fees

  • account creation fee = 100.00 €
    setting up your account and provisioning your processing chain

monthly fees

  • single user  = 10 €
    1 TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic

  • professional user = 25 €
    3 TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic

  • team = 50 €
    5 users
    5 TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic
    Management Dashboard

  • team +5 users = 35 €
    5 more users
    5 more TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic

  • enterprise = 250 €
    100 users
    25 TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic
    Management Dashboard

  • enterprise +100 users = 150 €
    100 more users
    25 more TByte Storage
    unlimited Transfers
    unlimited Traffic

1) Data storage volume will be measured. Agreed volume will be invoiced monthly in advance. Additional data storage volume will be invoiced by end of each month. Price for additional data storage volume is 0.25 €/GByte.


  • enterprise on premise = 25.000 €

  • enterprise on premise integration = 3.500 €
  • Calculation
    HowTo Videos

    Please find below a demo video of our ProXchange software product:

    How to Use ProXchange to Transfer Files

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