Squared Paper Busby – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Media Integration Platform? Why is it important?

A Media Integration Platform is a platform for building solutions and workflows, which often includes joining existing systems, services and devices together. As a broadcaster or a media company, it is important to be able to build workflows based on your business requirements, making use of the best of breed software and services you already have, and joining them together to streamline operations.

Are there any other concepts/principles being used to develop software products? If yes, can you please compare and describe why Media Integration Platform is better.

The Busby Media Integration Platform is built around microservices, using one microservice per system that you need to join, and connecting them to a central messaging bus. It is possible to join your systems together without a media integration platform, but you will have to join each system to each other system separately, and if one needs to change, you then need to change all the others again. Using a media integration platform and connecting all components to a central messaging bus makes integrating each system simpler, and much easier to make changes at a later stage.

You mentioned often that your Media Integration Platform is specifically designed for the media and broadcast. Why is it important?

There are other IT integration platforms available, but it helps to have tools designed for the job when starting a project. Using a media integration platform that knows about broadcast and media means that, for example, when creating workflows you already have script functions that know about time code and subtitles, and when joining systems together you already have connectors out of the box for many broadcast and media applications and devices, so you don't need to integrate them from scratch.

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