Video Production is a very wide field that spans from studio production to outside production, movie to TV production, long-form to short-form content, like news or business TV.

With our products, we mainly target news and business TV production. Essential elements for such integrated, semi-automated audio and video mixing are playback, graphics, internet stream based contribution, and signal monitoring.

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Live Video Contribution

For bridging a specialist as an interview guest, a reporter from the stock exchange, a talk show guest from their home, or a business consultant from their office into a live studio production, low latency internet streaming is the cost-efficient technology choice of today. The guest doesn't need special equipment but only a PC or smartphone. Links can be created for spontaneous connections as well as for permanent remote studio contributions.

Internet-based video contribution is used heavily at news broadcasters but also at show productions or business TV.


Libero Hybrid by Libero Systems

multiCAM AIRBRIDGE by multiCAM

Video Transport by Medialooks


Production Mixing

The core of any news or business TV production is the audio and video mixer. Software has widely replaced discrete hardware building blocks as it allows integration, automation, and simplification for efficient productions. That way, one operator replaces a complete studio crew for standard content flows. More camera operations can be fully remote controlled and automated as well.

Again, software based production is made for news broadcasters and business TV.


multiCAM STUDIO by multiCAM



At the master control room, the studio gallery, the studio itself, and throughout to the production facility, signal monitoring is key for every live production. Internet contribution streams, studio streams, playout streams, and many more have been added to classical SDI signals in the meantime. As studio productions are not static, a flexible tool is of enormous help.

Monitoring happens at studio facilities, broadcasters, playout facilities, venues, and many more places.


Libero Multiviewer by Libero Systems

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