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A powerful microserver with Flow Center software, fully developed by Flow Works. The Flow Ant is a small-sized but full-featured standalone Media Asset Management system or, in other words, an on-premise microserver for 1-50 user. It also operates as a cloudlet in the Flow Edge or other globally distributed setups.

Completely New Approach to MAM

The Flow Ant offers something completely new to the digital Media Asset Management market that will be increasingly relevant in the future as questions related to global distribution of media along with expensive cloud storage and efficiency in sharing and storing digital media files become more relevant topics.


It is an all-in-one solution with hardware and software included, being part of a complete media ecosystem. In other words, it is a fully featured Media Asset Management system in its smallest form, yet highly powerful, cost-effevtive, and productive. It operates within the customer’s existing IT-environment and is easy to set-up and use. All this with no compromise on efficiency and broadness of functions it can be used for. Like the Flow Center, it has all the features needed for ingest, archive, managing, transcoding, and delivering media and metadata.

Part of Flow Core with Edge computing

The Flow Ant is a key component of the Flow Edge system, which performs most of the system’s functions. Through this, the user can ingest the media files, manage the data around it, and keep track of every process. It is a small and powerful device located where the user is. The Flow Ant can also convert all video formats. Ultimately, this powerful microserver enables the Flow Edge system.

Flow Ant provides the ability to manage content over several sites without the limitations or risk provided by bandwidth. Once the content has been distributed to the Flow Ant server, it can then be managed from that site or from a central location (e.g. for release). It can be used as a small archive or as a swarm-unit setup where several Flow Ant units in different physical locations work seamlessly together, sharing information such as metadata, media files, and workloads. The Flow Ant can also be connected to installed or hosted Flow Core servers to extend their range and capabilities.


An overview of the Flow Ant features:


  • All-in-One solution - hardware and software
  • Easy to set-up and use, yet still a powerful Media Asset Management tool
  • Highly cost-effective and affordable
  • Part of a complete media ecosystem
  • Intuitive user interface and management
  • Operates with existing IT-environment
  • Optional easy-to-use Flow Web Services (as extension) for high-traffic public distributions
  • Highly scalable system works with multi-homed storages - from single USB discs up to broadcast level storages
  • Sophisticated security features
  • Integrated workflow engine
  • Interoperates with other Flow Ant systems and Flow Center Core servers
  • Easy workflow based VOD distributions to a range of VOD targets, e.g. iTunes, Netflix, Maxdome, T-Home, Sky, Amazon, and many more
  • Power saving hardware and operation
  • No climate zone for a server needed
  • Low running costs
  • No rack space for big servers or storages required

The  Flow Ant system specifications:

Hardware Requirements


  • Google Chrome or any other browser


  • Flow Ant is delivered as appliance

All FlowWorks related documentation:


HowTo Videos

The Flow Center related HowTo videos:

Flow center demonstration
Flow Works Media Asset Management Demo | Hybrid IBC 2022
The Developer

Flow Works

Flow Works is a Munich-based privately owned company founded in 2005. They have over 15 years of experience with digital media files and their conversions, non-linear editing systems, production and postproduction workflows, broadcast process chains, marketing, delivery, and distributions to VOD platforms and social media networks. Flow Works serves the entire market, meaning all companies and environments that produce, own/manage, and distribute media content. Flow Works is your strategic partner for Media Asset Management (MAM), Production Asset Management (PAM), and Production Management Systems (PMS).

Based in Germany.

Flow Works Logo

The Team

Axel Jerabek

Axel Jerabek

Oliver Meurer

Oliver Meurer

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