Transcoding is the technical process of converting a video file or stream format. Such a format conversion applies to the file or stream container as well as to the audio and video codec. It also means transforming the audio and video content, manipulating time codes, making use of subtitles, and so on. There are different types of transcoding:

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file transcoding

File transcoding

File Transcoding converts a video file from a source to a target format. This means converting the container as well as the audio and video codec. In addition, filters are applied that transform audio and video, timecode, subtitle, etc. Transcoding is often needed as part of an ingest, production, archiving, playout, or publishing workflow.

It's a standard process that post-production houses, TV broadcasters, VOD operators, and any other company that deals with media files have a need for.


Cambria FTC by Capella Systems

Cambria Cluster (FTC) by Capella Systems

Live Transcoding

Live transcoding

Live Transcoding converts a live video stream from one format to another. One stream multiple bitrate streams are often created for HTTP streaming. For that reason, HTTP packaging and eventually encryption is part of live transcoding. In addition, ad insertion, stream switching, graphic overlays, subtitling, etc. are performed.

It happens at TV broadcasters and network operators.


Cambria Live by Capella Systems

Cambria Live Editor by Capella Systems

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager by Capella Systems

Cambria Live Ad Break Control by Capella Systems

Transcoding Plug Ins

transcoding Plug-ins for Legacy Harmonic Carbon Coder

The legacy Harmonic Carbon Coder (Rhozet) is still in use in many facilities all around the world. Via plug-ins, we enable this mature transcoding product to support newer formats and modern workflows.

Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon Importer PlugIn

This product allows to demux/decode video file formats that are not supported by the standard Carbon Coder. You might encounter this problem mainly with open source, proprietary, or very modern professional formats.



Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon FFMPEG Exporter PlugIn

This product allows to encode to formats that are not supported by standard Carbon Coder. This mainly applies to open source formats. Besides this, it allows the use of alternative codes to achieve higher transcoding speed or better image quality.



Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon AVISynth Video Filter PlugIn

This PlugIn is designed as a functional enhancement for Harmonic’s (Rhozet) „Carbon Coder”. It adds a video filter that allows to utilize AviSynth for video processing. This product allows to use the following filters: high-quality scaling and deinterlacing, color space correction, blurring and sharpening, rotating and flipping, swapping fields, dropdown filters, deblocking, noise reduction, graphics overlay, and subtitling filters.



Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon WFS WebGUI AddOn

This product is an AddOn to Harmonic’s WFS transcoding farm management service. It adds a GUI that can be accessed either via a standard Web-Browser or Microsoft Windows Gadget that resides on the operator's desktop. It gives access to all information and controls that are relevant to transcoding farm operators. Different access levels based on a user/group/role definition can be configured. A login dialogue grants access and manages the right options to be available.



Capella Systems x265/HEVC codec PlugIn

This PlugIn is designed as a coding enhancement for Capella Systems Cambria FTC. It adds the x265 codec for HEVC encoding. It is available for wrapping in MPEG Transport Streams and Elementary Streams, MP4, MOV, as well as Adaptive Bitrate transcoding and packaging (MPEG DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming). This is achieved by deeply integrating the libx265.dll into the transcoding engine and the configuration user interfaces. As a result, this PlugIn shows up within FTC as any other standard codec.

The concept of this PlugIn is to act as a bridge between the libx265 codec and transcoding pipeline of Cambria FTC. This is achieved with FTC’s plugIn API that allows to add filters, codecs, and wrappers to the standard product.



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