Ingest is the first step in the processing workflow when it comes to post-production, broadcasting, publishing, or archiving. Ingest means the process of moving videos, images, voices and sound materials to a server-based system or storage solution, such as a Production Asset Management System (PAM), Media Asset Management System (MAM), Newsroom Control System (NRCS), or Content Management System (CMS). x-dream-group offers software products for all types of ingest:

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file Ingest

File ingest is the process of transporting a wide variety of file formats into a system. Ingest includes browsing, selecting, previewing, and trimming files, as well as requesting metadata from an operator. It's either operated manually or is automatically triggered by a watchfolder or via an API call. Transcoding audiovisual material into the house format and re-formatting metadata files to the house standard often happens as part of the ingest process.

Every processing, post-production, broadcasting, and publishing business process starts with ingest. Therefore, it's one of the most important steps for every modern production house, TV broadcaster, VOD operator, and any other company that deals with media files. Most often, the ingest is performed by a central team, but it can also happen decentralized. 


IN2IT Access by Woody Technologies

IN2IT Exchange by Woody Technologies


Remote Ingest

Remote ingest is a slightly newer variation of file ingest. It means the transportation of audiovisual material and metadata from remote into a system in the central facility or into a cloud hosted system. Remote ingest adds authentication, remote configuration, and accelerated file transport to the regular local ingest while keeping all professional functionality. Upload is a subset which simplifies the user interface and usability.

Especially for news, magazine, and sports broadcasters, remote ingest is the key for fast footage sourcing. However, the production of long-form or business TV content profits from remote ingest too, as it enables distributed teams to act as one unit.


IN2IT Access by Woody Technologies

IN2IT Exchange by Woody Technologies


Mobile Ingest

Mobile ingest is the logical consequence for smartphones being equipped with high-quality cameras and being used as file transfer devices from any place. Nowadays, reporters can record the latest news or interviews, equipped only with a smartphone. Afterwards, all materials from the smartphone or a connected professional camera can be ingested directly into a central system or a cloud storage. Public Wi-Fis or high-speed mobile internet connections are an alternative to legacy satellite contribution.

Again, mobile ingest is the latest improvement for remote news contribution, magazine, and sports broadcasters. That way, you will have the story first while saving costs for traditional contribution.


IN2IT Access App can be installed on the smartphones of your team members.


Social Media Ingest

Whatever happens, happens first on social media. That is why there is a growing demand for searching content on social media networks in a professional way. Above all, this means quickly and easily finding relevant content, moving it to a central system, and formalizing rights. On the other hand, social media is becoming a premier source of news for a large number of people. TV companies are adjusting to the new reality more and more and are looking to provide their social media channels with news quickly.


IN2IT Social by Woody Technologies


Live Ingest

Live ingest covers the recording of a wide range of sources, from traditional video signals to modern streaming. It applies to program and multi-camera recording in studio productions, live feed recording at broadcasters, stream recording, remote interviews, and social media, as well as recording at news productions or the recording of video conferences in general business companies. 

While most of the modern video production, broadcasting, and publishing is based on files, the sources for such content are often live events. As a result, real-time processing is the key to being the first one publishing a trending content.


IN2IT Live by Woody Technologies to ingest live streams 

Ingest Recorder by Libero Systems



When your media files are ready to be distributed or further edited by other departments, there has to be a way to retrieve them from the post-production PAM or MAM and push them to other production systems, hand them over to playout, store them in an archive, upload them to social media, or outgest them to an exchange storage.


IN2IT Exchange by Woody Technologies

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