Leading Peruvian TV channel Latina upgrades with Woody Technologies IN2IT solutions

22. Apr 2022

April 22nd, 2022 | Latina installs IN2IT solutions for file and camera card ingest and social media search, ingest and transcode.

Woody Technologies announces that, after extensive testing, Latina has chosen three IN2IT solutions to enhance their media ingest workflows. The collaboration, initiated by Telefonica Services Audiovisuales as the system integrator, is part of a large ingest, graphics, MAM and NAS upgrade of their production and news departments. Facing a considerable increase in media content ingest as well as social media searches, Latina needed a technical partner that was capable of meeting their challenges. Woody Technologies has gone above and beyond by customizing some of the solutions’ features to fully meet Latina expectations.

Latina's first challenge was to speed up ingest times while implementing support of new codecs that were not available with their former ingest system. This included an additional requirement: to merge clips from many sources into a single clip. Operators also needed to preview the media and add custom metadata prior to ingest.

Latina chose IN2IT exchange, a multi-node ingest server farm that provides advanced media and metadata processing, and automated watch folder ingest from local and remote networks and cloud sources. IN2IT access floating-license clients were added to allow operator teams across production and news departments to preview the media, select sub-clips, stitch or merge clips and add custom metadata.

Latina also needed to simplify searches across social media sites in order for news and entertainment content to be used within broadcast shows, and to streamline the ingest to editorial.

They chose IN2IT social, which is used by many broadcast companies worldwide. IN2IT social helps search posts, videos and photos across different social media sites including YouTube, Twitter, VK and Vimeo as well retrieve from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. IN2IT social will allow journalists and producers to search, preview and add custom metadata prior to delivery to their MAM system.

Aurélien Brelle, Woody Co-founder and Global Sales Manager, welcomes Latina: “The whole team at Woody is very happy that Latina chose three of our IN2IT solutions. We met during the evaluation period and delivered on many of their requirements. We can now welcome Latina to join our worldwide user group and as our first IN2IT client in Peru.”

Pavel Pacheco, TV Technology Manager at Latina, remarks on the characteristics of Woody Technologies’ solutions and on the team's commitment to the project: "After analysing and testing several brands, we opted for Woody because it is a scalable, intuitive and easy-to-use system that technically meets our requirements for change in our workflows. In addition, Woody has developed new features to technically and operationally adapt to our workflows."

About Latina

Latina Televisión, a Peruvian broadcast television channel, strives to deliver wide-ranging content and programme formats that are tailored to the whole family. Originally named Frecuencia 2, the channel began broadcasting in 1983.

Its offices are located Avenida San Felipe 968 in Lima’s Jesús María district.

Latina aims to become an agent of positive social change by broadcasting responsible, relevant and appropriate content for Peruvian families.

For more information on Latina Televisión, visit www.latina.pe

About Woody Technologies

Woody Technologies has provided innovative media processing solutions to media industry companies since 2013. Every day, major broadcasters around the world use Woody Technologies software to streamline their ingest, outgest and transcoding workflows, saving time and resources to focus on added value tasks. Woody Technologies headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company also has offices in Los Angeles and London.

For more information on Woody Technologies, visit www.woody-technologies.com

Pavel Pacheco - TV Technology Manager at Latina - Quote

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