Teamium announces several enhancements to its production management offering at IBC 2023

07. Sep 2023

New York – Teamium, a leading innovator in Cloud-based Production Management System, is thrilled to announce a series of new features that will enhance its project management and scheduling capabilities and further enrich the user experience. These enhancements were developed based on valuable feedback from our loyal users and represent our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge capabilities.

The new version 3.5.3, set to launch at IBC 2023 on Sept 15th 2023, will provide users with even greater functionality and flexibility. Here are some of the key highlights:

Task Management

Project manager can quickly create a task and assign to a collaborator or a group for self-assignment, attach documents, set due date. Tasks can be independent or associated with a booking event. The Collaborator can view their tasks on their personal dashboard, mark them as completed and enter actual time taken for task completion. Project manager stays on top of all the team tasks on a dashboard. with real-time progress tracking. She can also notify the Collaborator for an overdue task.

Production and post teams need powerful tools to manage resource schedules, tasks and collaborator time. There are several tools that do one or maybe two things well, but not all three, forcing users to switch between applications and manually transfer data. Teamium is the only solution that fully and seamlessly integrates all of the three features to make a complete all-in-one solution.

Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Frame:

Teamium adds task scheduling, time tracking and project management capabilities to Adobe’s Premiere Pro to Frame.io. With the integration of Teamium into the workflows, users of Adobe's post-production tools gain unparalleled capabilities, visibility and control of the project and are able to further streamline their collaboration.

Frame: Users can link to an existing project in Frame and view the media files. They can parse the comments and convert them into for actionable and trackable tasks. Collaborator can enter with actual completion time manually or through auto time capture. Teamium calculates the true cost of the task to the project for more accurate billing and monetization.

Premiere Pro: Teamium is available to users as a plug-in panel on Premiere Pro. Collaborators can view their assigned projects and tasks in their calendar view. If they are also Frame users, they can see their tasks in the Teamium panel as well. Users can self-assign a task or a project on their dashboard and enter time upon task completion.

Facility management with floating licenses:

Teamium has enhanced its post-production workflow with the addition of facility management. Now users can manage rooms, workstations, floating software licenses and collaborators, all in one place. This closely mirrors the steps that a project manager undertakes of first finding an available room, followed by assigning a service, an available floating license and an available collaborator to perform the service. User can view and interactively manage the rooms along with equipment, software and people in a timeline view.

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