ShareStoryz New Release IBC 2023

25. Aug 2023

Attention storytellers and content creators! YourStoryz app just got a major upgrade, and you won't believe the incredible features it now offers. With the latest update, our app's Generative AI is here to revolutionize the way you share your stories with the world.

Here's how the new YourStoryz app update can help you save time and effortlessly captivate a wider audience:

  • Automatic Audio Transcription: Say goodbye to tedious manual transcriptions! Our AI technology seamlessly transcribes the audio and adds it to the metadata. Simply copy and paste it from the dashboard, and voila!
  • AI-Generated Blog Posts: Need to create engaging blog content? Our powerful AI generates a blog post that can be easily edited or published directly. Say hello to hassle-free content creation!
  • Social Media Posts: Want to amplify your story across various channels? Our AI generates ready-to-publish social media posts that you can share effortlessly. Connect with your audience on every platform!
  • Multilingual Text Translation: Break language barriers with ease! Our AI accurately translates your text into five different languages, ensuring your story resonates with diverse audiences worldwide. Speak to everyone in their preferred language!
  • SEO-Enhancing Tags: Boost your online presence and improve discoverability! Our AI generates the most relevant tags from your video content, enhancing search engine optimization and increasing visibility.
ShareStoryz new release IBC 2023

Curious to see how it works? It's as simple as pressing the "publish" button within the app. Within seconds, you'll witness the magic unfold!

When you publish straight form the app the video, and all selected text elements are shared with your newsroom, content desk, or editorial team for further use. For our Enterprise users, you can even receive the content automatically in your MAM or newsroom system watchfolders. Streamline your workflow effortlessly!

Our transcription feature uses audio from a wide range of functionalities in the app, including #voiceovers, interviews, #storytelling, narration, song texts, and spoken word in videoclips. Whatever your content type, we've got you covered!

Join us on this exciting journey of storytelling and content creation! Download the updated YourStoryz app today and experience the power of AI in sharing your unique stories with the world.

Curious and new to YourStoryz? Try it for free:
IOS: https://lnkd.in/dNN_bAYq

Android: https://lnkd.in/gP7VFzRr

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