Ingest, Transcoding and QC in the cloud // x-dream.events

03. Nov 2021

Please join x-dream.team during our next x-dream.events on the 3rd of November. We will be talking about ingest, transcoding, and quality control.

Together with our partners Woody Technologies, Venera Technologies, and Capella Systems we will cover the latest trends in cloud ingest, transcoding, and quality control and how they can be connected and controlled in the cloud through our workflow orchestrator Busby from our partner Squared Paper.

In addition, you will learn about the latest releases of the products from Woody, Venera, and Capella.


15:00-15.45Engines & workflow in the cloud,Stefan PfützeNowadays in broadcasting more and more software engines can work in the cloud or from the cloud, for example, ingest, transcoding, QC, playout, and many others. Furthermore, workflow automation solutions can orchestrate a cloud or hybrid infrastructure. This raises questions like: How do engines and workflow solutions work together? What are the challenges and what are the plans? Learn more in this session.
16:00-16.30Cloud ingest. What's new?Aurélien Brelle, Woody TechnologiesBy presenting a new updated UI in the IN2IT release version 3.4 Woody Technologies set up a new stage in the development of the ingest software. What exactly are these new features? What can be moved to the cloud, what not? What to expect from a cloud ingest? And what are the challenges in using cloud features? Learn more in this session
16:45-17.15Latest trends in cloud quality control.Fereidoon Khosravi, Venera TechnologiesFor some time, Venera Technologies offers quality control in the cloud. What are the differences between on-site and in-the-cloud products? What are the most demanded features? What are the challenges and what are the plans? Learn more in this session.
17:30-18:00Transcoding in the cloud. What's new?Ikuyo Yamada, Capella SystemsFor some time, Capella Systems' transcoding software can work from the cloud or in a hybrid mode. Why did they do that? How can customers benefit from this new functionality? And how exactly does transcoding in-the-cloud work? Learn more in this session.

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