IBC 2023

17. Jul 2023

July 17th, 2023 | x-dream-group and our partners will be on the International Broadcasting Convention 2023 in RAI, Amsterdam from 15 -18 September on booth 7.C25.

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We would like to invite you to visit x-dream-group and partners at the IBC 2023 in RAI, Amsterdam from 15-18 September. As the world’s most inspiring content and technology event, IBC’s vision is to empower content everywhere. Since 1967, IBC has been an event delivered by the industry, for the industry. On the booth 7.C25, we will present innovative, well-developed, and affordable software solutions covering almost all postproduction, broadcasting, news publishing, and VOD scenarios. Among them - media asset and workflow management, ingest, transcoding, AI and file transfer, mobile journalism app, as well as software integration services.

Our vendor partners from all over the world will join us at the booth – Aiconix (Germany), Capella Systems (USA), Flow Works (Germany), Fortra (USA), Projective Technologies (Germany), ShareStoryz (Germany), Squared Paper (United Kingdom), VSN (Spain), Woody Technologies (France) and x-dream-media (Germany), and more.

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Aiconix—AI transcription, translations and subtitling

The aiconix composite AI SaaS platform provides easy access to a wide range of the best AI solutions on the market. The platform provides easy and centralized access to all these AI providers in the cloud or as an on-premise installation.

The aiconix platform is an AI one-stop-shop - with numerous AI applications such as face recognition, speech-to-text conversion and labeling of images or videos in addition to our own exclusive features.

  • transcription
  • subtitling and translation
  • metadata generation
  • content cataloging
  • searchability
  • content analysis

Capella Systems—Transcoding

Cambria FTC // Cambria Cluster

Cambria FTC and Cambria Cluster be Capella Systems are innovative transcoding products. 

Cambria FTC transcodes nearly any video file format to any other audio/video codec and container. Its modern architecture constantly evolves to incorporate the latest formats and codecs supporting 4K, HDR, HEVC and beyond. Capella’s state-of-the-art, motion-compensated frame rate converter, deinterlacer, scaler and color space converter ensure the highest video output quality. Filters for ad insertion, subtitling and multi-language support enable content monetising. Cambria FTC runs on Linux, supports Kubernetes and Docker integrations as well as GPU acceleration. Cambria FTC can run on premises, in the cloud or both, for handling peak transcoding volume.

Capella Logo

Cambria Live // Cambria Broadcast Manager // Live Edit

Cambria Live Series is a flexible and scalable live encoding software designed to handle every demand of the streaming workflow. The Cambria Live series automates live streaming of multiple events based on your schedule. It seamlessly integrates with your existing playout and ad scheduling systems and combines live and file assets. Cambria Live includes robust ad insertion capabilities that maximise monetisation opportunities. It ingests all  popular types of ad insertion signals and outputs to popular SSAI platforms. Cambria Live is an all-in-one system that handles live switching, production functions, encoding and distribution.

Learn more about Capella products.

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FILE Catalist by Fortra—Enterprise Fast File Transfer

FileCatalyst provides fast file transfer solutions that are perfect alternatives to FTP. Their solutions enable you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP, while ensuring secure and reliable delivery.

FileCatalystFortra Logo

FileCatalyst provides fast file transfer solutions that are perfect alternatives to FTP. Their solutions enable you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP, while ensuring secure and reliable delivery.

The FileCatalyst Portfolio consists of several products:

FileCatalyst Direct is a complete point-to-point file transfer solution

FileCatalyst Workflow uses any browser for all your file transfer needs

FileCatalyst Central monitors and centralises your entire FileCatalyst deployment

While UDP forms the foundation of FileCatalyst, its patented technology takes the best of UDP’s speed and adds reliability and rate control for secure and fast file transfer.

FileCatalyst also, like TCP, breaks data into blocks. However, FileCatalyst continues to send data blocks without requiring receipt acknowledgement for steady data delivery.

New at IBC2023

  • Added TLS 1.3 support
  • Hotfolder, Server, TransferAgent - Utilize proper database for reporting (rather than CSV). Ability to export to CSV retained
  • Added support for Wasabi cloud storage as well as our proprietary Encrypted File System.
  • Central, Server - Added OAuth support for email authentication
  • Added Google Cloud Storage with support for regional buckets
  • Added Support for S3 storage Encryption at REST with KMS
  • Added FileCatalyst Load Balancer


  • Server - Provide an option to write the contents of the files in sequential order
  • Central - New Server storage health alarms
  • Added support for MacOS Bigsur Monteray, Ventura
  • TransferAgent - Labs: New proxy mechanism for environment when localhost DNS resolution is blocked
  • HotFolder Added Bandwidth blackout cancellation
  • Server - Support for authenticating against an OpenID service (Beta feature, support limited to certain UIs)
  • Central - Added ability for non-admin users to change their passwords in Central

Flow Works—Media asset management

Digital Media Asset Management and Distribution System for post-production, broadcasting, archiving, VOD publishing and content sales.

Flow Works Logo

FlowCenter – highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution. Specialised in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind. Flow Center Core is the centerpiece of the overall system. It incorporates and combines all key modules: database, user management, user interfaces, individual workflow management, transcoding, file transfers, playout.

FlowANT – micro media management appliance with GPU acceleration. 

NEW at IBC. preparing to launch the first serverless\MAM Flow can run directly on NAS.

Learn more about Flow Works products.

Request a demo of Flow Works products.


Projective Technology GmbH is dedicated to revolutionizing how content production happens. By focusing on the creative user and providing innovative technical solutions to production storage problems, Projective offers a fundamentally different approach to production storage and editing projects. Strawberry, Projective’s flagship Production Asset Management application, was created by editors for editors, and is a recipient of the IBC Broadcast Engineering Award. Strawberry is used by broadcasters, production houses, ad agencies, film schools, and sports clubs worldwide.

Share Storyz Logo

Strawberry's multi-site solution provides a framework to accelerate global collaboration and empower multi-national organizations to take advantage of their scale. Projects can be efficiently managed across the entire organization, on-premise hardware footprint can be optimized, and global content security is improved.

Our hybrid-cloud infrastructure Skies unifies on-premise and cloud resources. It brings together remote workers and external clients, with the on-site IT infrastructure and project teams. Skies accelerates collaboration, from logging and tagging to review and approval and remote editing, without the need for VPN access or upload to a separate cloud platform. No technical expertise is required, and it is highly secure by design.

Read about latest innovations in Projective software presented at IBC 2023

ShareStoryz—Mobile Journalism

Mobile journalism has been a rapidly developing area of content production for the last decade. ShareStoryz presents YourStoryz, a brand-new mobile app for mobile journalism.

Share Storyz Logo

It is designed to do easy video-production for news-creating companies, brands, sport enterprises and other businesses which take care of the content quality, the public brand-image, and the speed of content sharing.

You can publish to your channels and the channels of the brands you work for with no limitations or you can distribute raw video files to your PAM, MAM, or newsroom.

Learn more about YourStoryz app.

Try YourStoryz! Download it from AppStore or Google Play store

Read more about new ShareStoryz release.

Squared Paper (United Kingdom)—workflow orchestration

The Busby Enterprise Service Bus & microservices toolkit is especially designed for the broadcast industry:

  • Monitoring hardware and software systems and applications
  • Workflow orchestration from small to large and complex
  • Event recording for SLA reporting and later analysis
  • Controlling external devices and services, etc.
Squared Paper Logo


  • Many new drivers including PTZ cameras and Dante Audio
  • Diary functions including resource booking and clash checking
  • Scripting support now includes Python and Ansible
  • User interface plug-ins enable completely customised screens
  • Cloud and Hybrid models support encrypted trunks between zones

VSN—All about MEdia

VSN (Video Stream Networks) provides software solutions for audiovisual content management, both for companies in the Broadcast & Media industry and for all those that need to manage, archive, produce, plan, and distribute media.

VSN Logo

 The company has developed projects for TV channels, production companies, OTT platforms, public organizations, educational sector, and content distributors, among others. All VSN's systems are ready to be implemented in cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments. Moreover, they can be contracted under a licensing model or through subscription as a service (SaaS).

VSN will showcase at IBC 2023 the new functionalities of its core products, VSNExplorer and VSNCrea present its integration in end-to-end workflows with other Aspire group systems. 

VSN's MAM VSNExplorer takes a step forward in its intelligent metadata segmentation functionality with an aggregator view of metadata coming from multiple AI engines, as well as a new functionality for advanced segment searches by AI elements. In addition, the Business Intelligence module also features new detailed reports -easily added as widgets to any dashboard- on the platform's own status for better strategic decision making. On the other hand, within the VSNExplorer BPM module, the BP Editor application introduces a new "Expert Mode". 

VSNCrea reinforces its key functionalities VSN's BMS system includes several improvements in its linear scheduling module, whose scheduling is now more intuitive, as well as new features for content monetization. The Broadcast Management System also now supports specific digital platform rights in its Acquisitions module, as well as greater support for publishing content on YouTube, allowing for greater versatility in multiplatform content distribution. 

Aspire Group integrates its products into end-to-end workflows In response to the industry's increasingly complex workflow needs, the three broadcast software companies - VSN, Woody Technologies and M&I Broadcast Services - will also present options for complete workflows, from full ingest (Woody's IN2IT), through media management (VSNExplorer), scheduling (VSNCrea) and playout and distribution (VSNOneTV and Omniplayer).

Woody Technologies—Ingest / Social Ingest / Outgest

Woody Technologies offers the smartest ingest solutions for your media processing workflows.

Woody Technologies Logo

IN2IT access. One tool to manage all local and remote ingest operations. This is what your users need to share their footage and stories with the rest of your team. Ingest from the field, mobile, or on a server-side.

IN2IT social allows journalists to research social media for the content of interest and professionally download and ingest the video + metadata into professional production environments.

IN2IT live enables capture of SDI, NDI, and IP Live sources to post-production environments.

IN2IT exchange executes import, export, and transfer tasks from and to any local, remote, or cloud-based environment. Automates transfers from Avid Interplay PAM* to external storage. It handles both media files and metadata.

Learn more about Woody products.

Request a free trial of Woody products.

Read more about Woody news at IBC2023.

x-dream-media—Software Integrator and workflow orchestrator

Software integrator with an entire commitment to the media IT developing its own software products for file-based workflows and asset management.

x-dream-media Logo

WFM—Workflow Orchestrator and Manager

OneGUI—job, workflow and farm monitoring & reporting, search & filtering, multi-tenant, various 3rd parties (e.g. Harmonic, Telestream, Capella, MOG, Interra)

Broadcast Player—multi-format player with frame accurate positioning, side-by-side view, audio leveling, SDI output and playlist support

Broadcast Recorder—simple and cost-effective tool to record SDI, NDI and streams with professional controls, timecode, audiometer and professional formats support.

Request a free trial of x-dream-media products.

Other Puducts presented at the booth

Libero Systems Recording & Playout 

Squared Paper Logo

The primary products are multi-channel playout with graphics and streaming, multi-channel ingest solutions, drawing, monitoring, and multiviewer systems.

  • Libero Play is a fully redundant playout automation software with integrated graphics for 24/7 transmissions or studio productions. 
  • Libero Multiviewer takes multiple video/audio signals and combines them to monitor in real-time. Libero Multiviewer allows you to monitor your PCR and MCR sources(Camera, Playout, Graphic, etc.) remotely or from the web with its own IP output feature.

Teamium Resource Scheduling

x-dream-media Logo

Teamium is a feature rich, simple to use resource scheduling and collaboration management solution exclusively designed for video production.

Teamium have several features to show for News production, TV and digital shows, marketing or live sports or events.

  • Task management 

  • Facility with floating license management

  • Adobe Premiere Panel

  • Frame.io integration

Venera Technologies Quality Control

Woody Technologies Logo

Flexible automated QC for rapid checking, sorting and in-depth verification. On-premise and in the cloud.

Venera specializes in providing cutting edge solutions in digital media. The company offers a wide range of solutions, starting from test and measurement solutions for the broadcast market, to enterprise solutions for corporate training and distance education. 

Pulsar is the fastest, most comprehensive, and versatile file-based Automated QC system in the market. With support for the latest technologies, such as HDR, IMF and 4K, Pulsar allows you to remain ahead of the curve by tackling the quality issues early and efficiently. With support for all Broadcast/OTT formats along with a wide range of checks, Pulsar is ready to be used in a wide range of workflows, including Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Media Services, Archiving, and Over-the-Top.

Bright Media  Rights Management and scheduling

Bright Media Logo

Bright Media offers specialized media related business solutions. BOSS by Bright Media is a cloud-enabled end-to-end broadcast scheduling system. Designed for broadcasters who require a comprehensive traffic system at an affordable price. It is cloud agnostic and ready to be deployed on-premises out of the box.

BOSS by Bright Media comprises different modules responsible for multiple tasks: 

  • Acquisitions (for rights and inventory management),
  • Media Management (for distribution management), 
  • Sales (for media sales management), 
  • Planning (for channel management), 
  • Scheduling (for playout management), 
  • Reconciliation and Billing.

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AI-based transcription and translation

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File transfer

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Media Asset Management

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Production Asset Management

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Mobile journalism app

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ESB & microservices

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All about media

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Ingest / social ingest / outgest

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Monitoring tool

x-dream-fabrik interview

Hosted services platform

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